Why ComMath?

ComMath is a contraction of Computer Mathematics. The vision (eliminating Mathsphobia and Digital illiteracy) is implemented through computer programming via a medium called “COMPUTER GENIUS CLUB-CGC”. ComMath was incorporated in the year 2013 and kicked off at Ahmadu Ribadu College Yola and thereafter St. Francis Catholic Secondary School, Idimu Lagos.


Step 1 – Test Drive

We offer a free 10 hours (divided into days) intensive training in core programming fundamentals with C/C++/VB/C#/JavaScript/Java -Programming Language using Live Code Approach Model for students in secondary schools and Scratch/Microsoft Small Basic/HTML5 for students in Primary schools from Year 4.

After the training, all participants will be extensively evaluated based on the skills acquired during the training.

NB: During the training, Algorithm and Mathematics logic will examined thoroughly.

Step 2 – Selection of successful candidates.

The successful candidates will be adopted into the club. They would be asked to pay for CGC bronze package which will be termly and their parents will be contacted by the school Management. The Club fee will be discussed between ComMath and the school Management.

Step 3 – CGC Bronze Package Training begins

The CGC Bronze package students will be evaluated at the end of the term and the successful students will be promoted to Silver Package. The final stage for the Club is Making a difference package after Diamond package. Each package is loaded with specific coding skills and algorithm. The making a difference package aims to equip students to compete in international competition such as Microsoft Emerging Cup.

Required school facilities

The school must have a functional computer laboratory

Other services:

  • Personal / corporate coding instructor
  • Online presence – Website design / SEO / Social Media Marketing and Management.
  • AppDev – Application Development
  • Digital Literacy – 4 in 1 course (Computer Literacy, Application Literacy, Internet Literacy, Peripheral Management)


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