ComMath Technologies is an IT Academy Institute / firm with strong focus on Training, automation (AppDev), Online presence (WebDev), IT infrastructure (DigiLab), Digital Marketing and Content Development (AccountCredit). The company was registered in 2013 under Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) Lagos Nigeria.

ComMath vision is to eliminate Mathsphobia and Digital illiteracy through the use of 21st century training methodologies and live code approach paradigm.

Computer Genius Club is on among several project/vision of ComMath Technologies. CGC is one among other services of ComMath. Through Computer Genius Club (CGC), ComMath is determined to fulfill the vision part that has to do with DIGITAL ILLITERACY and ProAlgol.

Computer Genius Club (CGC) kicked off at Ahmadu Ribadu College Yola and thereafter St. Francis Secondary School Idimu, Alimosho, Lagos.

At ComMath, your intellectual development is our logo. Order Now and become self-reliant

Other services:


We implement a solution that can monitor your family’s digital habits and protect them from harmful content such as porn, adult novelty etc using AI algorithm.


Make managing screen time a breeze with the power to change limits at your fingertips.


We implement an effective content filtering to keep your family’s website browsing safe in real-time. We can guarantee you 100% maximum protection for your kids digital habits – Android, Windows, iOs etc.

Call us today for any of of the services-Training, automation,monitoring etc. We will survey, analyze, provide the best solution and even train for maximization.

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