-Trainings –

Digital Literacy – Computer Super-user techniques,Document production,Data manipulation, Presentation, Website authoring,Graphics

Application Development (AppDev) , Website Development (WebDev) ,Rudiments of Mathematics (ROM)

Corporate Training – Rapid WebDev, Digital Literacy (Advanced Office Suite – 2019)

Coding for Teens and Kids – Catch them young , teach them all.

-Online Presence-

Professional website for any type of business or organisation.

E-commerce website and Digital Marketing – You can get alert while asleep (put that product online)

-Application Development-

Automation – Convert any existing manual system into automated system in any platform

-IT infrastructure-

Supply of various computing devices and accessories such as Desktop system, laptop system, printers.

Installation and configuration of any type of software such as Windows, Mac, Office suite, security software (restrict what your kids see online).

BizPro Solutions-

Automate and track the progress of your business using BizPro software.

Security System and Alternative Power

CCTV Camera, Fire Alarms,Access Control,Solar Water etc


Solar installation

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